Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Future of the Humanities

When I first read this, I thought it was bullshit. I didn't understand how Digital Humanities had anything to do with Deformed Humanities but after going back and reading it, it all makes sense. Why I misunderstood was because when the article says, "This is a portmanteau that combines the words performance and deform into an interpretive concept premised upon deliberately misreading a text, for example, reading a poem backwards line by line." I thought, this has nothing to do with DH! But after, I started to understand that Deformed Humanities isn't just about the digital world, yes it does play a big role, but it's about taking a part something and created something new. You're always looking to create something different than the original piece.

Deformed Humanities is about learning new things in a different way. I thought a great example from the article was "Carpentry aspires to build from scratch, whereas the Deformed Humanities tears apart existing structures and uses the scrap." That's why this is evolving so much in this generation because it's something that people aren't used to doing. We're used to creating works of art instead of taking one and making something new. Poststructuralists can relate to the Deformed Humanities and DH because both the theories and concept have similar characteristics. Poststructuralists believe that there's no one meaning, they believe a text can have multiple meanings. It relates to DH because DH strives to find new things and to create a different meaning or to make it seem that way. In class, when we talked about how after reading a poem online, you can insert a hyperlink and have that link go to something completely different, making the reader find a new meaning to that poem. DH is really going to change the way we analyze texts and other works. I think it will open up more doors instead of strictly create a work, analyze it and letting people read it.

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  1. Good for you for getting this up! Thanks for typing it all out again--

    This is good-- really gets to that Derridean idea of "bricolage" (like the bra bridge to Ellen Reed that we talked about...just using whatever scraps are lying around...).