Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mark Samples article

Even though it's difficult to vouch for the vices and questionable faults entailed in the deformed humanities, I admire its creative prowess.It prompts readers to distinguish formerly unforeseen content that tends to slip through the cracks of ideas and contemplations acknowledged at face value. While deformed humanities is utilized to disrupt the sanctity of a text only to tie new revelations back to the origin material at hand, Sample disagrees. You take a fable character like humpty dumpty, and scholars like Lisa Samuels and Jerry McGann strive to reconstruct humpty dumpty through a jangled disruption of events. The beauty of Humpty Dumpty's plight as far as deformative humanities goes is the point at which he breaks. New color and meaning can be pulled apart from his cracked egg shell, oozing yolk, and slipshod decrepitude. The aim of the game is not to reinforce prior meaning, but to construct something entirely fresh out of something that wasn't originally present "The deformed work is the end, not the means to an end." Deformative humanities really places emphasis on analyzing systems that antagonize other systems. Deformative humanities, in the performing sense, is influenced by innovation to change how business is conducted. Like how Babe Ruth used the home run as a strategy for success, rather than as a celebratory phenomenon.

One interesting example of using the deformative humanities is how the author of the text I'm reading took something called "hacking the accident", which exploits the flaws in the deformative humanities and threw a wrench in the works.All the original nouns were replaced, and put in place were nouns that were placed seven steps away alphabetically. Consequently, a new perspective and set of ideas are birthed from the rubble of inconsistencies and chaos. A parody is erected to ridicule the flowery language employed by academic mavens. While I can safely question the effective qualities of deformative humanities, I can appreciate the oddities of the theory. How seemingly frivolous factors sprout, yet contain a level of legitimate meaning on its own standing. Personally, I feel the deformative humanities is a double edged sword. Practically ambiguous, and ambiguously practical.           

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  1. The beauty is at the break. Wow-- that is going to stick with me for a while. Nice, Sam!