Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Digital Humanities is the New Humanities

The word "Digital" can be scary to anyone who isn't a fan of change or is a stranger to technology. Like the expression "Ya cant teach an old dog new tricks". It makes me think about when DVDs first came out and replaced VHS. They seemed like the most confusing things in the world and seemed so overcomplicated when VCRs were so easy to use. So what about Digital Humanities? What exactly are digital humanities? Well we know about normal humanities, so digital humanities are basically humanities intertwined with technology, hence the term "Digital Humanities". But what about the deformed humanities? According to the text "A humanities born of broken, twisted things." which basically means taking something broken or whatever and recreating it/converting it into something new, something great. YES It actually makes sense that they are related to post structuralism for several reasons. So basically, in 2015, we as humans rely heavily on the internet and that is not going to go away any time soon. So digital humanities is going to be the new humanities. I am so proud of that title haha. Anyway, structuralism is all about structure that everyday humans should follow and post structuralism generally criticizes structuralism and rejects normal standards. They are connected to post structuralism because they are typically not following any sort of standard structure. It doesn't follow the traditional values of humanity. Going off on what I said about humans and the internet, one day, books wont be on paper anymore. If e books and kindles are so popular now, eventually they will take over and be the only source to obtain literature. so it will be POST poststructuralism. There will be new theories and new theorists who will continue to critique and criticize new things such as POST post structuralism, but that is kind of their job. Since the first post structuralism was criticized for being a threat to people's values, there are definitely going to be people who will criticize that. But values keep changing so who knows what will happen. Structure keeps changing over time, and humans evolve and their humanities evolve as well. We will use deformed humanities to create new things which humans will put all their focus on. Some things will die overtime, or lose their mojo, and deformed humanities can take what they want and recreate something totally new and exciting. So the old stuff will still matter, but will be altered in a new time era, with new humanities and new types of literature for people to focus on.

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  1. I am intrigued how many of you see the deformed humanities as a method of creation, even when Sample speaks so forcefully about them as a mode of destroying systems rather than creating new, organized works. But maybe that is one of the features of poststructuralism in general: if everything contains the seed of its own undoing, perhaps everything also contains the seed of its own rebirth?