Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wait, what?

 Reading Lacan has me feeling all sorts of ways; primarily confused and lost. He had me going in a few places, as you can see where I noted "we create our own negativity". I'm lost at how our experiences create the mirror stage, however. Because as I have always envisioned a "mirror" it is a direct reflection. What I picked up from what Lacan was putting down was that our experienced create distorted reflections, but that doesn't make sense to me? Needless to say, I am looking forward to ripping the reading apart in class. I need a crash course because I am feeling right now that everything I thought I had a handle on has slipped through my meek fingertips.

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  1. Lacan is definitely a challenge and many times I found myself understanding the text only to read the next sentence and losing everything I thought I knew. I did find a great article that made the text a lot easier to understand and interpret which can be found at You should check it out!