Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Translation, Please! Reading Lacan's "The Mirror Stage"

Reading Lacan's essay "The Mirror Stage" before looking up help on the internet, I did my best to sift through his complex language. I got some of his points, or guessed at what certain passages might mean. However, without some kind of clarifying help from a site that puts Lacan's ideas in plain language, I would have no idea what he was talking about. The site I used for help was It went paragraph by paragraph and broke down all of Lacan's fancy language into words I could actually process and understand. Plus, it was a .edu source, so it is likely pretty reliable. The site clarified many questions that I had about Lacan's ideas. I made sure to highlight passages in the Lacan that either didn't make sense to me or where I thought I might know what he was saying before I went to the help site. After the site, I used little word bubbles to annotate the original document and clarify what I was confused abut with quotes from the help site. The screenshots of this process can be seen below:

The first image is of the passage I highlighted on the help site and the second image is showing where I used that image to clarify a paragraph I had previously been confused about. I'm so very grateful for this tool because it allowed me to absorb some of the info from the reading, instead of it all going way over my head!

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