Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Reading Lacan's "The Mirror Stage" (with the help of a mirror)

Reading Lacan’s “The Mirror Stage” without any external resources was a challenge. It was only with the help of a printed out paragraph-by-paragraph guide that I was able to make sense of Lacan. I read a paragraph of Lacan and immediate followed it up by reading the corresponding paragraph in the help guide. I would then return to Lacan and annotate according, trying to connect actual text to the ideas being discussed more explicitly in the help guide. I don’t know how much meaning I would have been able to tease out of Lacan’s language without the help of another source, which makes me wonder how valuable complex writings and ideas really are if they fail to be communicated to an audience without a Ph.D. (or extreme reliance on a help guide…)


  1. I noticed that i used the exact same help site as you! When I found this breakdown of Lacan I was pretty excited because its gold. I love that it goes paragraph by paragraph and breaks everything down for you! I also agree with your thoughts on whether publishing an article in complex language is valuable. I've always wondered why brilliant people do this. We know you're brilliant, but don't you want the majority of people to understand why you're brilliant instead of hiding it in ridiculously confusing language? I just don't get it...

  2. I also used the same guide and I am so thankful that I found it because it was completely accurate and easy to read. I felt like I could understand the mirror stage more fully with this text backing up Lacan's writing.