Thursday, April 9, 2015

Queer-er Society

            This image illustrates an explanation of how Queer Theory breaks down the common conceptions or understandings of how society is constructed today and how it compares to the way it was understood to have been constructed in the past. At the top is a simple algorithm depicting the most commonly perceived explanation of how a society is formed and is reciprocated. There is a male who has masculine traits who pairs up with a female with feminine traits that together create a continuation of society. When in reality they only create the stereotypical representation of a couple. Underneath that, I have created my own algorithm that shows how there are an innumerable number of variables that can create the same society with an entirely different depiction of a couple. In reality there can be men who are feminine and females who are masculine; turning the formerly solid algorithm on its head. Going even further, I have shown that transsexual, gay, and lesbian individuals can also create that same society with their own specific identifies being interchangeable in their own equation. I also created a spot labeled OTHER so as to leave room for any other identifiers not mentioned or yet to be created. At the very bottom of the page is my new algorithm showing how the idea of a couple can be used to create a society through multiple variables in identifiers, rather than the standard two of male and female.

My only question regarding Queer Theory is why do you think that people who fall outside of the “norm” of gender or sexual related identification feel compelled to find words or terms that reflect the way they feel internally? For example, someone who has grown up straight most likely never had an issue being called straight because that is a word that already exists which defines who they are. Where as someone who is transsexual may feel the need to develop their own identifier specific to them because they dislike the one given to them by society. Is it better to take an identifier that already exists and make it your own, or to remove the distasteful identifier and debate over one that everyone finds more suitable?

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