Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mirrors and Thresholds

            This article was really interesting to read because I had head of the Mirror Stage before but was never given a full explanation. That being said, this particular reading was often times very confusing due to the way that Lacan writes. He often times alludes to a subject then traverses through a series of camas before finally explaining that subject. This made it particularly difficult to focus on exactly what point he was trying to get across. In some places I even had to highlight the subject and then skim through the rest of the paragraph to highlight the corresponding information. However, once I was able to do that it made deciphering the information that much easier.

             The ideas presented in the reading are also very interesting. The part that I liked the most was the section regarding the Mirror Threshold. This is the point in the learning process where the child can recognize that the reflection is a separate entity from itself and still believes it to be disconnected from his physical person. In that regard, the child thinks that the glass or reflective surface is acting as a threshold between two worlds. I found this particularly interesting because of all the horror stories and myths that I have heard over the years regarding a phantom or spirit trapped in another world by a pane of glass. The concept that a lot of people could have at one point seen mirrors as a threshold in some minute way explains why so many people could be scared by the concept.

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