Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In fairness, DeRosa did warn us that Lacan would be a bit more complicated (though, his subject matter is more Twitter-friendly). I thought it was frustrating and tedious to work through pieces of Lacan, but it was helpful having discussed it a little bit in the previous class. Additionally, having just read Freud, allowed me to understand the references Lacan makes in his writing.

 Here is an example of a page I annotated. This is the beginning of the article where Lacan describes the age the "mirror phase" takes place. According to Lacan it is a developmental stage that takes place in babies ages 6-18 months.  The baby recognizes herself as an "I" and there takes on an identity. This seemingly perfect image that the baby sees, Lacan names the "imago."

I used two sites to help me understand Lacan...they were both concise summaries of this theory. Reading them and then going back to reference the actual text certainly aided me in my understanding of this concept. However, several sites quotes excerpts from Lacan's mirror stage that we did not have available, so that was a little frustrating. Below are the two sites I used the most:

Lacan: An Overview of The Mirror Stage

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