Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Locations of Culture: Multiculturalism

One of the key themes of this article is culture. The article mentions cultural differences as well as cultural diversity. A key term, which the article examines is Multiculturalism. We know from various English classes, that multiculturalism is all about cultural diversity and that it focuses on how cultural diversity evolves over time.
This image is from which has a lot of interesting information about multiculturalism. In the image, we see what appears to be Earth and it is covered in various flags from various countries all over the world. It does not say which countries are which and it doesn't express anything about race which is essential because it shows that all cultures intertwine with one another, regardless of location, race, etc. Renee Green, an African American artist mentioned in the article, expressed her views on multiculturalism and the importance of understanding it.
She also mentions that there is a struggle for power between various ethnic groups as to who gets to speak and who represents who? Communities are generally and unfortunately divided up by race, such as the latino community and the white community etc. It is things like this that challenge multiculturalism which is what Renee focuses on.
This image represents a multicultural community and is worth viewing. Renee asks "What is a community anyway?" What do people in general think of the term community? Do you necessarily think of multi racial/cultural when you think of community? Or do people naturally divide community with race, economic status and neighborhoods etc.? These questions are up for debate!


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  2. Ok, but this doesn't quite get to all of the borderland/in-betweenness that Bhabha ultimately uses Green to get at... This is a good start, but what do you think defines BHABHA's idea of "the multicultural?"