Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lacan right now

Reading Lacan was tough. I automatically knew that it wasn't something you could just read once and automatically understand it, but I also figured that most things aren't like that. I thought of it as Stairway To Heaven which requires multiple listenings because its one of those songs. Lacan got a lot better once I looked at the analyses and I love how the assignment was to find a site that made Lacan "actually make sense". Luckily I found an article that kept things short and sweet, unlike Lacan.
The article explains that Lacan's ideas about the formation of the "I" which I'm hoping means self (identity) elaborates with Freudian theory. The mirror stage simply focuses on developing a self image and distinguishing the "I" from other surrounding objects.
This article is short and to the point which makes it easier to understand. although Lacan is still tough to read. I would love to see a video presentation on the mirror stage. I'm sure that would give me and anyone else who struggled a better understanding and to see where exactly he is coming from.

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