Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lacan Help

When first going into this assignment, I thought I would have no trouble with Lacan because of taking a psychology class in high school that extensively covered both his work and himself. Reading what the Mirror Stage is about through his words was definitely a challenge. His complex language and in depth thought process was all too challenging for me. There were many different help sights on the web for Lacan's work, but I really wanted to get a .org one or a .edu one so I could be sure that the reference was accurate and not something made up. The website I chose to use was This website took Lacan's work by pages and broke them up into somewhat summarizing and simplistic paragraphs that everyone could understand. I found that  I could understand this article a lot more than Lacan's because the language was translated into something I could actually understand and interpret, all the while saying the same thing as Lacan.

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