Thursday, April 23, 2015


In his article "The Location Of Culture", Bhabha reflects upon the concept of the beyond, and how it is skewed to institute this idea of transcendence from person to person. Contrarily, Bhabha's representation of the beyond is a return to the present where in which we tend to reorganize and re inscribe a set of political and cultural ideas "Being in the beyond, then, is to inhabit an intervening space, as any dictionary will tell you. But to dwell in the beyond is also, as I have shown, to be part of a revisionary time, a return to the present to re institute our cultural contemporaneity, to re inscribe our human historic commonality; to touch the future on its hither side." Despite turmoil in regards to socio economic difference, class position, and sex, Bhabha argues that the discourse, or intersecting calamity between favorable and unfavorable leads to the construction of nationess. From a minority perspective, difference is seen to be "A complex, on going negotiation that seeks to authorize cultural hybridities that emerge in moments of historical transformation." Intriguingly, Bhabha uses a stairwell to embody the binaries between up and down, heaven and hell, etc.

Identifying the chaotic unfolding of history, the stairwell serves as a mediator, or middleman that lies between the extremities of polarities and striking opposites. Otherwise, the stairs are"an interstitial passage between fixed identifications that open up the possibility of cultural hybridity that entertains difference without an assumed or imposed hierarchy".

For my picture describing my take of the reading, I decided to use a simple freight train. Linearly, it runs a singular line within the realm of time, making pit stops to signify a new beginning, or segue into a moment in which each coming stop is underlined by the present when we arrive at our destination. Additionally, the influence of people, where they stand, and at which moment they get on and off constructs a sense of feverish angst. While people move around, come in, and dash out, the coming attractions in life are stiff armed by a hungry present, bound in certainty, but unable to detach from itself the label of a perpetual present grounded in rambling turmoil


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  1. Make sure you go back and add a photo citation, please!

    You hit a lot of the key points, Sam, and many of them we really focused on in class today, so I hope you feel solid knowing that you were totally on the right track... and sorry for the train pun... :)