Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Lens With Wider Scope

The Intentional Fallacy

After reading The Intentional Fallacy article posted on our Moodle page, it became clear to me that the scope in which poetry, and literacy, are being analyzed is growing. Rather than implicetly relying on the intended meaning of the work of art, or how “correctly” formatted the grammar is; critics are being urged to consider alternative pieces of the puzzle. “poetry should come as naturally as leaves to a tree, that poetry is the lava of the imagination, or that it is emotion recollected in tranquility” To me, this quote could be used to describe not only poetry but all works of art as well. Poetry has never come easy to me, mostly because I feel restricted by the sometimes strict gramatical requirements. If I have to focus intently on the form of my writing rather than allowing it to be natural then I can never realize my artists vision.

For this post, we were asked to create and portray a piece of art. My greatest passion and ambition is photography so I chose to post one of my favorite photographs with a poem that I feel represents its intended emotion. Correlating with the article I read, The Intentional Fallacy, notes that there can be an infinite number of variables that pertain to my intended meaning. Therefore I invite you readers to comment your own interpritation of the emotion you feel while viewing my work of art.

Bring me forth from the depths of darkness with resounding light and resonating sound so that I may perform and project a rythem of us all.

This image was taken in the middle of northern Vermont at the annual Ziontific Music Festival. The whole vibe of the collected community there ushered tranquility and love for music. The stage where the performers played was the only source of light in an open field, giving it the resemblemce of a lantern peeking through the darkness. As the night settled and the crowd grew the people seemed to bleed through the woods like a shadow as the band began to play. The performers black suits blended so easily with the backdrop that in brief moments, it seemed like they dissapeared entirely. This image is the physical representation of the emotions I felt as they faded in and out of reality.


  1. A great blog post and a beautiful photo. BUT I am not sure you fully grasp the theory here. The intentional fallacy is the error that some "critics" make when they think that the author's intention matters to the meaning of the work. The New Critics want us to look at the TEXT itself, and not spend time trying to figure out what the author meant or intended. Just make sure you really articulate the theory in your own words when you do these posts, so we can be sure you are on the right track!

  2. So I guess I did comment on this, Cody!! Now I remember!