Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Art and the Superstructure

            “The production of ideas, concepts, and consciousness is first of all, directly interwoven with the material intercourse of man, the language of real life.”

            This piece of art that I have created represents how meanings styles and forms create the structure of society. In that regard, I chose to represent society as a well from which information is drawn from. Criticism is the rope and pulley from which society physically draws art and literature from the well of social ideology. Although society can exist as a structure on its own, it lacks a purpose without a source from which to draw from. Therefore in essence, the structure would not exist if it weren’t for the source of nutrients buried deep below the ground. 

            I found it very interesting that Eagleton described literacy as the “material intercourse of man.” What is interesting about it is the word intercourse because it alludes to a highly personal and intimate relationship. Basically, art is a reflection of an intimate relationship between the reality of the world around the creator, and his or her own perception of it. I have always felt that art is the beginning to all major advancements in society. Does anyone want to agree or disagree with me?

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  1. Ok, first of all, that whole first chunk there appears to be a hyperlink, but I don't think you mean it to be. Second of all, the second paragraph appears to be a quote, but it needs to be cited. Your understanding of the theory is totally solid, Cody, but let's work on the formatting of the post so it's tidier (this will come with practice, so don't miss any more!). Also, the final paragraph here seems to leave the Marxist principles behind a bit, so do try to stay really yoked to the big ideas as you organize your provocative questions. Overall, solid here, but room to clean it up and focus a little more.