Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Online Articles: The New Thing?

After spending two days and countless hours trying to figure out how to annotate a blog online, I wish I was more tech-savvy even though I thought I already was. To my defense, getting a new Surface Pro with Windows 8 for Christmas didn't really help my situation. Anyways, this new generation is known for being more in tuned with electronics whether it's an iPad, tablet, e-readers, etc. When it comes to reading online, personally I focus better and it's something I've accustomed to.

The app I chose to download is called Drawboard PDF. It's still taking me time to learn it and how to navigate around. I ended up sending my annotated draft to my email because I couldn't figure out how to screenshot on my Surface Pro, (I looked on the internet and went to the help desk more than you know). Since I couldn't figure out to write notes next to my highlighted parts, I wrote down my thoughts in a spare notebook. 

Reading online is easy for me because of this app. I'm not tempted to exit out of the app and go onto social media like I would be if I was reading an article online but like the sentence I highlighted, Maria Konnikova's, "Being A Better Online Reader," she had said, "Maybe the decline of deep reading isn't due to reading skill atrophy but to the need to develop a very different sort of skill, that of teaching yourself to focus your attention". I think that sums up how I feel about online reading in general, it's a skill you have to learn to be able to read online.

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