Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moving Along With the Digital Age

After attempting multiple annotation programs on my computer, I would like to admit that my computer knowledge is based completely in social media, and in no way am I qualified to go beyond a simple tweet. However, I did it. So here it is.

Konnikova's article "Being A Better Online Reader" really showed the direction technology is taking the use of literature. Everything is in our online now, which creates this nostalgic battle in our study. The old versus the new. I am one of those people who would rather buy a physical newspaper than look an article up online. I refuse to buy a Kindle. I love my stacks of dog eared books that have scribbles in the margins. I really don't like trying to read a story on a screen. The thing that I found most interesting about the article was that, although it seems that reading online is giving into skimming and distractions, it is possible that we just need to adapt to the technology that is currently taking center stage.

Going off of adapting with technology, the program I chose to use was Evernote. The program is free and relatively easy to use once you play around with it. The thing I liked most about it was their "Web Clipper" app that adds on to your internet browser. It allows you to import any article into Evernote with one click. It also allows you to highlight and add notes online.

Once you have the article in Evernote, figuring out how to annotate is simple. The document will save into a notebook that is easily accessible for future reference.

I can definitely say that annotating with Evernote made it easier to get through an online article and get a good understanding of it. Combining the technology to come to a better conclusion is what it was all about. 

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  1. "However, I did it" is probably one of my favorite sentences! Good for you!