Thursday, January 29, 2015

Konnikova on Electronic Reading

Konnikova’s article concerning electronic reading definitely opened my mind to getting comfortable with electronic reading. I have always considered electronic reading and blog writing to be unnecessary, mostly as an excuse to avoid learning how. I’m glad to be in a class that will force me to become more knowledgeable about electronic writing and blogging. One thing that definitely made me stop to laugh at myself was when Konnikova covered negative aspects of electronic reading.

At this moment, I had realized that I was completely skimming the article, and I restarted to read it. With electronic writing, it is so easy to skim over the work and lose attention. It is easy to get lost nose deep in a book, but not as easy when faced with reddit being only a click away. Another thing that stuck out to me in this article was that there are real physical reasons why electronic reading can be difficult.

It was pretty interesting to me that a lot of the reason I am inattentive while reading in electronic format could be due to my eyes being fatigued. This is very cool, minus the fact that I could use this to rationalize my dislike for electronic reading. Lastly, I used adobe to highlight the text, annotate, and pasted my screenshots into this document. I found that I was horribly intimidated for no reason.

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  1. Looks good! Make sure you find a way to organize/store your Adobe annotations so that you can find them and access them easily!