Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Adapting to a New Era

In Konnikova's article titled "Being a Better Online Reader," there are a few main points that stuck out to me. In her article, she is talking most importantly about the difference between reading from a book and reading online. On this note, she says:

This is relatable to me and I'm sure others as well. While reading online, it is harder on the eyes to scroll down a webpage, or look at a screen for long periods of time for that matter, than to simply read side-to-side and flip the page when your'e ready to move on. Along with the screen and the scrolling becoming bothersome, there are many more distractions on electronics than if you're reading from a book. 

Here, Konnikova is really distinguishing how hard it truly is for some people to focus while using, or even being surrounded by electronics, by using Maryanne Wolf as an example. By informing us that Wolf had to pretty much cut herself off from the digital world to be able able to focus on her book implies that electronics have made a major impact on the world of literature and people nowadays must learn ways to adapt themselves.

For the blog, I saved the article on Microsoft Word as a PDF and opened it up on Adobe where i found that the "Comments" tab is where you make annotations. I then highlighted things that stood out to me in Konnikova's article and took a screen shot of the depicted grouping of words. I then simply pasted it into Paint and cropped it to the appropriate size to fit into my article.

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  1. Good! Note that you can also add text annotations to your comments, which is something you will definitely need to do when we work on the harder theory.