Thursday, January 29, 2015

Online Reading and Extraction: Proceed with Caution

Maria Konnikova's article "Being a Better Online Reader" had a lot of points that stuck out to me, but I think the biggest one was when she was talking about how the online reader takes away much less from a reading than if they had read the piece on paper. The article directly talks about how the speed and progression of online reading can cost the reader the understanding, analysis and evaluation of a piece which is essentially reading for nothing because those aspects are highly important.

For this assignment, we were supposed to annotate the article, screenshot it and then upload it to this blog. For some reason or another ( I am not sure if it is a computer limitation or my own limitation),  I was not able to screenshot my pdf and annotations that I had made through Adobe. I did Google how to do so and I have taken screenshots before, but for some reason I was not able to take a screenshot of my pdf. I did try to go about this a couple different ways such as through the PRINTSCREEN button, the Paint application, but nothing seemed to work and the Snipping Tool only registered when I was on a webpage. I also tried to use the Drawboard PDF app, but I wasn't able to figure how to get a snapshot of that either. I am really not sure why I could not get this to work as I saw that other students could. However, after nearly ripping my hair out and battling with it, I got the idea to just go to the web page itself and use the Snipping Tool to get the pictures that way. So I can convert a webpage into a PDF, take a snap shot and imbed links and pictures, now I just need to learn how to put that all together. Technology 1, Kristin .5.

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  1. I totally love this because you are finding workarounds, which is one of the key things you will have to get good at if you want to thrive in a digital environment. Remember to leave enough time so that you can ask for help-- swinging by the HelpDesk or working with a savvy friend can go a long way. But this was a clever way to handle the issue!